Polibar Flat


Base of cast iron, glossy or glazed stainless steel head and base cover, powder coated steel for the column.
The finishing is obtained through high thickness painting, which is particularly scratch resistant.
It is possible to have embossed painting, as alternative to the smooth standard one. Post equipped with cartridge.
Tape length = 2,30m plain colour at your choice – Tape option: L = 3,00m


Two-sided A4 Sign Holder
Two-sided A3 Sign Holder
Brochure Holder

Height = 980mm
Rectangular column
Base Ø = 340mm
Weight kg 18 ca.

The added value” :latest proposal of the range of column flat.
From advanced and refined design, the column FLAT has a unique shape, the mix between the stainless steel and the simplicity of pastel colors. Recommended to make unique environment where placed.

MATERIALS: Stainless steel in combination with painted steel; cast iron base with stainless steel cover.

COLORS: polished stainless, brushed stainless steel and brass for top cover and base; central body painted in standard colors, white, yellow, red, green, blue, gray, black, but also customizable with colors on request; effect with smooth or embossed.

MEASUREMENTS: height 980 mm ca; weight 18.00 Kg