Polibar designs, produces and supplies queuing posts and a wide range of products and accessories aimed to optimize queuing management and guide customers and employees in many fields of application.

Our range of products include not only queuing posts but also wall mounted retractable barrierscrowd control barriers and standing poles with retractable belts: products designed to optimize queue management and guide people in all kinds of situation, being useful also for delimitating paths and spaces dedicated to different types of activities. 

Our company can satisfy various kinds of needs, making customized products according to required dimensions and the specific final use. The solutions designed and offered by Polibar are suitable for various applications in several sectors, like:

Airport and Maritime sectors

To improve and manage queuing spaces in airport and maritime stations, Polibar retractable belt stanchions are the solution you are looking for: perfect to outline ways, flows of people managing and to create reserved spaces in airport terminals before boarding.

Fairs and Convention Halls

Conventions, congresses, meetings are important opportunites for companies, that's the reason why the correct management of the spaces and flows of people, leads to the success of the event in a significant way. Discover the wide range of Polibar stanchions, we are sure you will find the most appropriate retractable barriers or rope posts to your needs.


In museums, art galleries or exhibitions, rope posts can be used to outline paths and manage the flow of people at the entrance, to separate the different areas and create the necessary distance between the viewer and the artwork. In the above picture: Museo della Vecchia Officina, Calamita Mines (Capoliveri). July 2023

Shopping centers and Superstores

In case of very crowded spaces such as shopping malls and superstore, queue management posts can be the ideal solution to divide spaces and lead flows of people. Available with roll-up tape, Polibar safety barriers are the perfect solution for modern and contemporary spaces.

Hospitals and Health clinics

Health clinics and hospitals offer care services that need privacy as well as protection for your staff. Thanks to the Polibar partition systems it will be possible to guarantee the right social distancing for patients, managing privacy in the waiting areas in efficient way.

Private companies

In private companies, retractable barriers are a practical and useful system to manage public access in an orderly manner or to delimit work areas. Light and easy to move, they can also indicate areas where access is prohibited. Thanks to the Polibar stanchions posts you can manage every space according to your needs.

Bodies and Public Administrations

Very often in the areas of public administrations and public bodies, due to the large incoming of people, to ensure order and the proper development of activities, it is necessary the use of crowd control products to separate spaces and manage flows of people. Polibar dividing posts are ideal solution for dates managing and waiting areas creation.

Accommodation facilities

All the queue barriers with an elegant design and made with high quality materials are the ideal solution in case you have to create reserved areas and manage flows of people in reception areas. Light and easy to use, they allow you to mark a way, separate environments and manage queues, with non-invasive properties.

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