The range of belt barriers proposed by Polibar includes a wide selection of retractable barriers with minimal design, made in Italy with high quality materials. Polibar posts are available in different models: Slim, Look, Flat and Pratic. These different models allow our customers to choose the product that better fit their needs. Thanks to a refined design in every model and to the high production quality, Polibar crowd barriers are not invasive and, if placed in elegant, classic, modern and classy contexts, are not contrary to the surrounding environment style. At the same time, these crowd control products, offer maximum safety.

Polibar barriers are effective devices able to optimize managing crowd flow and useful to the separation of spaces and areas. Polibar wall mounted units, in particular, were specifically designed to be applied in important architectural context and with an elegant style, such as museum or spaces for ceremonies. Also called retractable queue barriers, Polibar posts are the appropriate devices that can easily regulate public in exhibitions and galleries. From a practical point of view, Polibar barriers are easy to be carried and, at the same time, very stable and resistant, offering a good firmness to bumps and during belt rewinding.

Polibar retractable barriers are available in many versions: in fact it is possible to choose between the stainless steel (brushed or polished finishing) or painted steel. The belt is made of high-quality and resistant materials and it is produced with a considerable thickness in order to avoid twisting during the retraction.

Extendable and retractable belt, can be customized with logo or your company name and, in standard version is available in a several range of colors (blue, black, red, yellow, dark green, light green, gray, light blue, burgundy, orange, violet, safety yellow/black, safety red/white).
The fastening between tube and base, thanks to the locking screw, is secured in long term without maintenance. The thickness of 1.5-2 mm makes the stanchions stronger and shockproof.

Polibar retractable barriers, thanks to the minimal and elegant design, gives to any environment appealing and innovative style, ensuring functionality and usefulness as well. To the entire range of Polibar crowd barriers it is possible to combine signage and furnishing accessories, combining steel and tempered glass.
MATERIAL: stainless steel, painted steel, brass, cast iron base with or without steel cover.
COLORS: polished, satin or brass-plated stainless steel; painting in standard colors, white, yellow, red, green, blue, gray, black, but also customizable with colors on request; with smooth or embossed effect.

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