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Polibar rope barriers express the perfect combination between design and functionality. The most used barriers are the stainless steel ones (brushed or polished finishing). Also available in stainless steel with brass treatment, our rope stanchions are particularly suitable for any refined and formal contexts, such as airports, public offices and museums.

Polibar rope sign posts are even available in different versions of painted steel and standard colors: white, yellow, red, green, blue, grey and black, with smooth or embossed effect. Thanks to the high thickness painting, rope posts are particularly resistant to scratching and scrapes and suitable to define clearly different activity areas. The high construction quality makes Polibar posts optimal for both private and logistics professionals that are looking for rope barriers to set-up interior and exterior architectural spaces. A perfect balance between the base and the tube has been designed for the whole range of rope stanchion to guarantee maximum stability. Furthermore, the external base perimeter is lowered and rounded to prevent possible stumbling. The fastening between tube and base, thanks to the locking screw, is secured in long term without maintenance.

The thickness of 1.5-2 mm makes the stanchions stronger and shockproof. In addition, the magnetic connection for the Slim Corda8 stanchion, in habitual use allows a quick release in case of emergency evacuation; alternatively, the rope can also be temporarily blocked to the tube, allowing to use ropes with a length of up to 6 meters, keeping the post stable, visible and discreet. Our ropes are supplied already equipped with hooking ring or with carabiner, both available in different finishes: brass, chrome, polished stainless steel and brass-plated stainless steel and copper. Our ropes are made of high-quality material and equipped with their coordinated connectors.

Due to frequent use in museum contexts, rope barriers are ideal to contain the public during exhibitions while maintaining safety environment without being in conflict with elegant and classic context. To the entire range of Polibar rope barriers it is possible to coordinate signage and furnishing accessories, combining steel and tempered glass.
MATERIAL: stainless steel, painted steel, brass, cast iron base with or without steel cover.
COLORS: polished, satin or brass-plated stainless steel, painting in the standard colors, white, yellow, red, green, blue, gray, black, but also customizable with colors on request; with smooth or embossed effect.

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