Polibar Pratic

Polibar PRATIC posts range is convenient and functional. It is born to satisfy needs of transport easiness and, at the same time, it is very solid and grants a good firmness against shocks and tape rewinding.
In addition to the colored PVC version, we offer another one in clear polycarbonate that allows a customization not only of the tape but also of the pole thanks to the  introduction of  posters or object with adequate dimensions in the inner tube.

The base is equipped with comfortable handles to simplify the transport and you can fix the tube without the necessity of using tools.

Since they can be used in places with temperatures that oscillates between -20°C and +75°C they are particularly suitable for open spaces and production plants.

The extensible and retractable tape that can be customized with the logo or the name of the company is available in several colors (blue, black, red, yellow, green, grey, red/black, white/grey, yellow/back, security red/white, safeness yellow/black).

You can match accessories for the signage and pieces of furniture with all the range of the Polibar PRATIC posts with a combination of steel and tempered glass.

New line of Safety barriers, useful, essential and with a high visual impact, suitable for the delimitation of construction sites and production areas.

MATERIALS: PVC, recycled plastic.
COLORS: white, red, yellow, or customizable clear.
DIMENSIONS: high 980 mm ca.; weight 5,5 kg ca.

MATERIALS: steel, cast iron
COLORS: yellow/black, red/white, yellow, black, red white, black base
DIMENSIONS: high 980 mm ca.; weight 13 kg ca.