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Polibar designs, produces and supplies queuing posts and a wide range of products and accessories aimed to satisfy all kinds of needs of optimization of queuing management so as to guide customers and employees in many fields of application.


Our company can satisfy various kinds of needs, making customized products according to required dimensions and the specific final use.

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Efficacy and bespoke design

Crowd control posts, wall mounted units and accessories

Effectiveness and flexibility are basic features of Polibar. Thanks to a customized design service, Polibar is able to carry out any order, designing and supplying bespoke products based on dimensions and intended use required.

Aiming to satisfy every need in terms of optimization of queue and flow of people managing, Polibar designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of products capable of ensuring benefits from an organizational and productive point of view. The range of proposed items includes not only retractable belt stanchion but also dividing barriers, retractable queue barriers, social distancing products, barriers with extensible and retractable belt and rope barriers.

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